@Trendulkar almost owned the internet!

Yes, @Trendulkar had almost owned the internet today by trolling Pakistanis during Pakistan v/s Bangladesh match and also after that. He became all Nagarjuna and played the role of One Man Army at trolling. Thought of summarizing the whole trolling process. Here is how it all started:

  • Initially, during the match, he started posting some usual quips.


  • He started jesting some more jokes further and finally came up with this ultimate photo which was circulated on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp all over the country.


  • Further, he gave a clarification about the same:


  • When Afridi started hitting as a responsible Pakistani player:


  • Meanwhile, he kept on posting some more puns:


  • Trolling went on further and Pakistanis had already started abusing him:


  • Some more quips:


  • .. And, ‘below the belt’ stuff started..


  • Here he goes again..


  • Trolling continues and on its way to own the internet:


  • ..And this:


  • When none of the Pakistanis replied to his above tweet, probably because they didn’t get it, he went all:


  • Trolling continues..


  • Somewhere in between, some Pakistani hot chick (as usual) made some sense:


  • Trendulkar realized that this was true whatever she wrote but had to come up with something funnier. And here he goes again..


  • Well known fact that Pakistanis are *inshallah, boys played really well.* bad at English. *Thanks to almighty allah*, he bashed them again..


  • And that was it, too much of trolling for the evening already..


  • Oh wait.. No! That wasn’t it. He has a soft corner for Pakistan, because..


I have never enjoyed so much making a blog post as much as this one. This guy is hilarious. This blog is written just for fun. Inshallah, you enjoyed it. Boys played really well. Thank you almighty. Inshallah.


141 thoughts on “@Trendulkar almost owned the internet!

  1. For God’s sake it was not Sachin Tendulkar, some other dipshit just used his name. Anyway, to all my Muslim brothers out there, Stay away from nationalism. You should know better. Second of all, its just a game. If you still don’t get it then God be with you. Green or Blue, we have come from the “same” subcontinent. We had the “same” colonial masters, and we had the “same” motivation to drive them out as well. Our paths got seperated, but or beleifs are the “same”, that being peace for all humanity. One should simply not form a mindset based on the”diplomacies” of the Bourgeoise of both the parties. The people are the same, but they have been split into two different teams; green and blue. Suppose a person from team Green harms a member of team Blue, and vice versa; by doing that he will only harm his own bretheren.

  2. Small People Small thoughts… Whatever you say Tendu, Atleast we poor, hated people made you think a lot and speak a lot and made you spend a huge part of your Precious time tweeting for Pakis.. 😛 But thats not your fault.. After retirement you had to do something. I suggest you should suddenly go for a job search and spend your time constructively.

    1. sorry dude….this is way to productive.. if tendulkar is actually this good in trolling he should take it up as a career.. i bloody enjoyed every bit of it… specially your boys needing wren and martin for english! hahaha you jokers!

    2. Come on!!! This is not Sachin Tendulkar… It says “Trendulkar”, y unnecessarily pulling him to this… But this was funny… Take this in that sense brothers….
      But well played Afridi…. Hats off for both the games….

  3. I am a Pakistani and I found this blog really funny. I don’t know why people can’t take a lil’ humor from both sides 😛

  4. What level of maturity you are showing here? Just because the Little man is calling Pak players fool and criticizing the English proficiency etc etc. This is only jealousy and prejudice coming out from his mind after losing a match. He might be a role model for you all but if he is not holding true sportsmanship then definitely still he need to get maturity. His respect become lower as his height is !!! This comparison and complex with Pakistan will kill you guys…. Please do some productive work and open your hearts and minds. Thanks god you guys did not put the responsibility of this match on ISI. Be cool, Smile and learn how to absorb the defeat 🙂

    1. you sick pathetic psycho!!! do you think we need to compare ourselves with you lot..look at ur economy..or surroundings.. there might be a bomb going off near you..u all r begging cunts and thats wat ull ever be…bloody la-HORE-iz

      1. Did anyone ever tell you you are sooo CUTE! You and your outdated hatred and jealousy 😀 Adorable!!

    2. @Aqua…you dickhead firstly its not tendulkar its trendulkar…the man who replies only through his bat in the field won’t do this…its some genius bro of ours…and secondly jealous hone k liye kuch hona chaiye…saale bhangiyon ki tarah tumhara captain ro rha tha hamein bhi khila lo IPL mein.!! Wo kahawat hai na “Gaand Mein nhi hai goo aur chalein hain suaron ko daawat dene”….oops i used suar in my kahawat…:p..And SRTs height is any day bigger than any cricketer ever lived on this fucking planet…:D

  5. I think performance in the ground is more important than English in the ceremony. Go speak english and we will keep f**king you in the ground. You can dig the way Afridi f**ked u 😀

  6. My God …. to all u guys out there …. Do You think the real Sachin gives a flying F**K …. this is some dipshit using his name on twitter … and i agree with Bilal … just laugh it off … and be a little more mature when it comes to repost’s about twitter… and who ever posted this should have posted some of the comments to the tweets …would have been funny.

  7. SO much hatred against Pakistanis GOD. ROHIT DAGA first of all widen your horizon and open your mind so you can see things more clear and in depth. Secondly repeating again and again about our economy :S WHY? we are not living in your country and depending on you or your government. I am sorry people like YOU are responsible for spreading hatred amongst each other. Your Gov has polluted all of you people minds sadly. Thirdly its just a game and yes if pakistan won rather then backing up your loss with our poor economy,you should have the balls to congratulate the winner and move on. ITS JUST A FRIKKIN GAME! The British saw people like you long time back and knew it was easy to create tension, war and hatred between both and thats what exactly happened they succeeded in doing so Thanks to your hatred and complexities. OPEN YOUR MIND AND EYES and stop this nonsense.

  8. Oh and talking about bombs blowing up here…. well Look around your place some girl might be brutally raped this very minute there sadly and you and your GOV wont be able to do anything about it. So stop with the blame game and pointing shit out SORT YOUR OWN SHIT FIRST! The kind of SHIT which happens in INDIA the whole world knows that so lets not start that now.

  9. All of you responding to this should chill out. Its a joke and its supposed to be taken in the same manner. Why don’t you create a twitter feed and make jokes about India to respond in a healthy, humorous way? I can’t believe pakistanis are responding to this by bringing up stuff that is wrong about India. What is wrong with you people? This was funny as hell. Get your heads out of your asses and respond with jokes. If you don’t have them – STFU!

  10. yaar wo sab toh thik hai….. but Zainab ji kitni hot hai … India ho ya pakistan …. I guess no guy from either side of the border will counter this fact 🙂

  11. well I believe that was a cricket match, not an English language competition… so keep your useless suggestions to your self and become a consultant to some university or college.

  12. I didn’t saw the game but after Pakistan won, i saw a friends status on my FB and sorry guys it was in URDU i hope ap parhna nai bholay houngay it was like ” I’ve heard Afridi ny 2 chakkay maray hain aww ub INDIA baki 9 k sath kya karay ga :P” LMFAO.

    Its just a Game boizez CHILL. 😛

  13. well!! we can expect such loathsome tweets from an Indian for us
    & why not , afterall afridi ditched ashwin hitting those lusty hits :* giving victory for pakistan.

  14. He is better than Kapil in Comedy Nights…. Hats off brother…. the way r comic satire made pakistan “jal bin machli nitya bin bijli ” was amazing … ! amazing compilation !

    1. HATS OFF to all the people here who actually have nothing better in their lives other then talking shit about PAK! a big round of applause to you all. First you lose the match and then come up with such ridiculous tweets and comments. Carry on with your B.S because thats what you are good at!

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